Friday, July 24th, 2009...11:08 am

Many Eyes, Many Voices in Scarborough

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Linda Capone-Newton facilitated this small training in late June. The group included pairs of colleagues from three centers who were more inclined to talk to one another than to people they didn’t know, so the main challenge for Linda was to get the discussion flowing more freely. She found that Nappy Hair prompted good discussion.

Participants left Linda’s training excited about “new books and different ways to use books to bring diversity into the classroom.” One planned to “talk to my center director about new books.” Another said she’d “offer a lot of diversity throughout the classroom and be aware of the tough questions that might come.” A center manager intended to “organize resources for teachers to be able to access them.” 100% of the participants said they’d recommend the training to a colleague! Perhaps that why our next Many Eyes, Many Voices training, which is more than a month away, is already filled to capacity…

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